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Erik Dale Rundberg

Favourite game: Final Fantasy 7 and Mega Man Legends
Fun fact: Erik likes to sing and play guitar in his spare time, he once attended the "Swedish Idol" auditions but with no big success :(

Erik has since 2007 worked in the IT sector. During this time he has worked mainly with IT consultancy and project management. He has a passion for service and to always deliver what the customer wants.

e. erik@qiiwi.com
+46 709 - 26 06 97

Andreas Bergström

Favourite game: All the FIFA games and of course all the Qiiwi games :)
Fun fact: Considers himself one of the world's best FIFA players

A driven college business student and bank employee who stumbled across a quiz idea, and never let go since.

e. andreasb@qiiwi.com

Marcus Dale Rundberg

Favourite game: Anything but FIFA
Fun fact: None. Seriously, none whatsoever.

Marcus has always had an eye for computers, at an early age he developed his first simple games. He has studied IT at the University of Chalmers, was head of IT at the student consulting firm "Chalmers Teknologkonsulter" and has run several large-scale websites and services.

e. marcus@qiiwi.com

Daniel Svensson
Head of Design

Favourite game: NHL 94 on SNES
Fun fact: One of Daniel's biggest moments in life was when he got to shake hands with Rock 'n Roll legend Bruce Springsteen during a concert in Gothenburg.

The last few years Daniel has worked with international sales for a multinational industrial company.

e. daniel@qiiwi.com

Andreas Gustafsson

Favourite game: 7 card stud.
Fun fact: In 1999, Andreas was the youngest person in his home state of Skaraborg to ever register a business entity. It even required written approval from his legal guardian…his dad.

Andreas has over the past 10 years been involved in a series of Internet ventures, both as an entrepreneur and a consultant. At a very young age he was involved in the development of some of the first and most popular social games in Sweden, such as Aktie-SM (Stock market prediction game) and Dream Team (Fantasy Sports), for Aftonbladet, Sweden’s largest daily newspaper.

e. andreasg@qiiwi.com
t. +46 709 61 50 23

Stefan Sandberg

Favourite game: FIFA
Fun fact: Owns a cat with a weird tail, her name is Bibbi.

Stefan has over 5 years of experience with online marketing and development.

e. stefan@qiiwi.com
t. +46 768 583 144

Johannes Anttila

Favourite game: Retro games in general, Super Metroid is one of the favourites.
Fun fact: Managed to flip a car over at 16, fortunately no one was hurt.  

Johannes is an artistic person with a mixed background of computer graphics and art.

e. johannes@qiiwi.com

Theodore Andersson

Favourite game: Counter Strike GO
Fun fact: Theodore has the second highest rank possible in CS GO.

Theodore started to develop games at the age of 16 and built his own game engine soon after. He has a passion for games, both for computers and phones.

e. Theodore@qiiwi.com